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Magnetic System Filter


A magnetic filter delivers a simple and efficient way to remove all types of dirt, debris and sludge from central heating systems.


Magnetic Filter Installation

 Once the engineer has fitted the equipment, the system will filter out all magnetic and non-magnetic

 dirt continuously and automatically. This is achieved by using the units unique dual action seperation

  element and self cleaning magnet.


   Installing the Magnetic Filter    Magnetic Filter seperates dirt    Draining the Magnetic FIlter



Step 1

The engineer will fit the filter to your system


Step 2

Continuous dirt seperation occurs

Step 3

Once a year, the drain valve will need to be opened for 3-5 seconds until the water runs clear. The engineer will do this as part of your annual boiler service.





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How a Magnetic Filter works


Benefits Include:


Reduces system sludge that builds up in   


System protection              

Extends system life

Optimum efficiency & energy saving       

No running costs & minimal maintenance   

Removes minute dirt particles

Removes dirt while system remains in


Simple Installation



Magnetic System Filter