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Green Deal Installers North East


The Green Deal lets you make energy saving home improvements without paying anything up front.


You can choose from a host of energy-saving measures, including a new boiler, loft, cavity or solid wall unsulation, double-glazing or solar panels.


The Green Deal isn't like a normal loan, it's attached to your property not a person. The repayments are covered by the savings on your energy bill from having energy-saving measures fitted.


The Golden Rule is there to make sure that making improvements does not cost more than the money you could save on your energy costs.


Green Deal Cashback Scheme





What products are covered in the Green Deal

What will the Green Deal Assessor do?

Book a Green Deal Home Assessment


For a full list of items which can be purchased under the Green Deal, please follow the below link.


Read the full list of Green Deal upgrades >>


Our Green Deal Assessor will ask you about your properties energy use to decide whether occupants could benefit from Green Deal Improvements.                                   

More about the Green Deal Assessment >>


Book your Green Deal Assessment online today, simply fill in your details on our form and we will contact you to confirm your appointment.


Book your Green Deal Assessment >>



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